A Horse of Wood

Where a mind wanders to see if other minds agree…. or not.

Being of sound mind is merely a point of view.

Latest from the Blog

It’s Coming.

Today is the 3rd last Monday of August 2020…. it means that in 4 weeks, the students, in Ontario, will be returning to education in one form or another. I read in posts, articles, memes, and news stories of the “Dog’s Breakfast” that awaits. And people are buying into the hyperbole that abounds. Don’t… ThinkContinue reading “It’s Coming.”

A Beginning

So today is my first attempt at blogging…. bear with me as I am an opinionated member of my world.It is my Day Four of what a friend jokingly called the Pottypocalypse 2020. And as bloggers seem to think, their words are shattering or changing of reality, here are mine. But the microscopic world hasContinue reading “A Beginning”

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